Welcome to Kaw Lake

Kaw Lake is Nature’s Playground. 

Camping or picnicking…fishing or skiing….hunting or hiking….if it’s outdoors you can enjoy it at Kaw Lake in north-central Oklahoma.

A Corps of Engineers lake, Kaw Lake has 17,000 acres of water and 168 miles of shoreline with seven Corps campgrounds, 268 individual campsites and four group sites with bathrooms, picnic pavilions, showers, and dump stations.  You can make reservations on-line at www.recreation.gov.

Nearby communities offer various museums, festivals, golf and shopping opportunities.  Visit the many sections of our website for details.  For a Kaw Lake Visitor’s Guide call 580-269-2213 or e-mail [email protected] ...then getaway to Kaw Lake.

Kaw Lake Campsites Closed

AFter record lake levels and releases from Kaw Dam, Kaw Lake remains over 30 feet above normal.  Only Bear Creek and Sandy Park are open and available for camping.    This information is due to change without notice.  Significant releases from Kaw Dam will make the area below the dam in the Arkansas River extremely dangerous.  With the high lake levels, all water related activities on Kaw Lake are discouraged at this time.  Lake Road from Ponca City to Kaw Dam is now open to traffic.  To be sure, check with the Kaw Lake Project Office for current information at 580-762-5611.  



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No current events found.

Kid's Focus on Fishing

Kaw Lake levels are slowly receding.  With that improvement, the Focus on Fishing event has been rescheduled for 20 July at Pioneer Park in Kaw City.  Make your plans now to come join us for a day of food, fun and fishing.  For more information call the Kaw Lake Assn. office at 580-269-2213.  






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Contact Kaw Lake or call us directly at (877) 671-6985 or 580-269-2213.

Child with fish on a hood giving the thumbs-up sign