FishKaw Lake is well-known for crappie and blue cat. The fertile waters of the Arkansas River offer excellent habitat for channel, flathead and blue catfish, crappie, sand bass, walleye and striped bass/white bass hybrids.

Kaw Lake is a great crappie fishing lake. Look in brush, stumps or artificial runs, perhaps near docks and you are likely to find crappie. At dawn they are close to the surface, but as the sun begins to move higher in the sky they drop to five to ten feet deep, perhaps up to 25 feet deep at the height of the day and move back to shallower water towards dusk. From January or February to early May they follow a fairly predictable routine hanging around deep structures, submerged river channel edges, vertical bluff type structures and brush piles

The waters below Kaw Dam provide anglers many opportunities to pursue spoonbill fishing. A throwback from prehistoric days, the spoonbill catfish or paddle fish grows to a huge size below Kaw Dam and is a real challenge. To find out when water is being released below Kaw Dam phone 580-765-2151.

Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend in May children can learn to fish at the Kaw Lake Association’s Kids Focus on Fishing. Also each June there’s a Noodling Tournament in the Pioneer Cove area for the more adventuresome.

Fishing in Oklahoma requires an Oklahoma Fishing License. Prices are available and they can be purchased on line at

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