The Kaw Lake area is home to beautiful vistas. Virtually every surrounding town boasts outdoor recreation nestled into the striking landscape. One of the best examples of one such outdoor attraction is the L.A. Cann Garden. Located in the heart of Ponca City, this attraction is free to the public and open daily. 


The Bivin Garden is located one quarter of a mile west of Shidler on Highway 11.
Shidler is situated 12 miles from the west entrance to The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve (Hwy 18) and 12 miles east of Kaw Lake (Hwy 11)
.  Ray and Mollie Bivin constructed their home on six acres of virtually uncultivated prairie in November,1981. They started preparing the landscaped garden in June, 1982 and have now reached their goal of spacious lawns, numerous flower beds and hundreds of trees and shrubs.